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Sonalie Figueiras began her Green Queen media journey 10 years ago in Hong Kong to fill a much needed void- Eco-Wellness; bringing health and wellness together in harmony with the planet.

Green Queen is now the largest eco-wellness impact media platform in Asia-winning awards on the way.

In Part 2 of our 2 part interview, Sonalie and I dig deeper into their mission at Green Queen.

Sonalie does not believe we can solve our climate problems with technology alone. She does not think we should leave our future in the hands of "tech, finance or industry titans!"

Sonalie also makes a very strong point regarding the need for governments to get onboard with more regulation on climate change, less or even zero subsidies for the meat and fishing industries and to stop placing all the responsibility on the consumer!

We discuss some of the biggest points illustrated in Seaspiracy and how many of the topics in this documentary, they have been writing about for over 10 years.

Enjoy Part II with Sonalie!


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