How To Quit Bad Boys For Good With Survivor And Healer Denise Rodgers


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Today's guest is Denise Rodgers, and she's a spiritual teacher, healer, and former "Dream Lady" who's appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows internationally. Denise found herself in her early 20’s pregnant and in love. Her life took on new meaning and direction after spiraling out of control and overcoming a traumatic, near-death experience, where she was shot twice, badly beaten, and left to die as her 5-year-old hid in the next room. Denise is the epitome of a survivor and in expert in breaking the cycle with a bad boy. In this episode, Denise will share how to quit bad boys for once and for all. Life with a bad boy is toxic, harmful, exhausting, and can be so destructive that could lead to dangerous situations that could cost you your life. Bad boys use drama, conflict, and confidence while telling us what we want to hear to keep us in the game. When we come back, Denise will share reason why bad boy relationships are highly toxic. How not to get hooked and break the spell to pull in a healthy relationship because love doesn’t equal drama and pain.

Following her near-death experience, Denise Rodgers embarked upon a healing journey by studying the mind and dreams. For the past 30 years, she has been developing and teaching her Mind, Body, & Spirit Self-Empowerment Programs. The results from her program have been published in numerous journals. Denise contributed a chapter on mind & body interventions in the leading medical textbook globally, and she's one of the few non-physician or non-Ph. D. to be featured in this prestigious book. Her program was also a special topics SPECIAL course at the University of Texas school of Medicine. After her deceased husband came to her in a dream, Denise began to study dreams and consciousness. She also appeared on the radio and television for 10 years as an expert on the altered state of Consciousness. Denise has been a Hospice Chaplain and Death Doula for eleven years and finds great satisfaction in helping people cross over to the other side. She strives to change the dialogue about death and dying, and she's interested in facilitating communication from loved ones through the form of Dream Visitations.

Kerry Brett and Denise Rodgers cover a lot of ground topics include:
Characteristics that draw you into a relationship with a bad boy.
Why women often make the mistake that they can change a man.
Bad boys don’t pretend to be someone they’re not and have a high opinion of themselves.
Why bad boys use confidence and charm to hook you, meanwhile your confidence starts to diminish.
Bad boys are highly unpredictable, they love creating drama and a series of highs and lows.
How to change the cycle of falling for bad boys and kicking patterns of toxicity.
Even if you feel your situation is impossible to change it is possible.
Always chose hope, once you chose hope anything is possible.

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