Director & DP Emily Skye AKA "She Wolf Films" On Blazing Your Own Path In The Film Industry


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Joining me today is Director & DP Emily Skye, who you might also know as "She Wolf Films" on her incredibly popular Instagram account.

Emily has been working in the film industry for 14 years, but recently her industry success has reached new heights. After building a massive fanbase for her work online, she created a short film called River. The short was so well received that within just 2 months it landed her financing for the feature length version.

Throughout the interview we discuss what it’s like to simultaneously direct and DP your own film, and how doing so can open up some unique creative advantages. Emily speaks to the importance of building an audience for your work, and how her efforts in this area led to relationships with brands like Lumix and RED. We also discuss the challenges of working in the industry as a female filmmaker, and Emily even shares a story about having to walk off a DGA production after experiencing a harassment issue on set.

All this and much more on today's episode.

Links from the show:

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Emily Skye - Website

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