3 Unconventional Ways To Allocate Funds On Your Next Micro-Budget Feature Film


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I am currently in pre-production for my next feature film, and will be approaching the budgeting process very differently this time around. Rather than allocating the majority of funds to production, they will be re-distributed to three key areas with the intention of maximizing the film’s potential reach.
Most filmmakers fall into the same trap - overspending in production (and post), and leaving little to nothing for their launch. This causes the vast majority micro-budget feature films to get lost in the noise, often failing to find audiences. As we discuss in this episode, by allocating funds to three specific areas (that are overlooked by 99% of micro-budget filmmakers), it is possible to dramatically improve your film's odds of sales, distribution, festival placement, and overall reach.
Throughout this episode I outline my budgeting strategy in detail, which can serve as a blueprint for your next feature film.
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