From Concept To Production To Distribution: How I Pulled Off My Micro-Budget Feature Film PSYCHOSYNTHESIS


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To celebrate the release of my feature film PSYCHOSYNTHESIS on Amazon Prime, today I am sharing a behind the scenes look at our entire process on this micro-budget indie. The film itself was made for only $25,000 in just 9 shooting days, which resulted in a highly unconventional workflow both on set and in the editing room.

Throughout the episode I outline every practical step that we took to bring this film to life - starting in the very early days of concept development, all the way through to casting, prep, production, and of course post-production, distribution and beyond. While I have shared some anecdotes about the film on my blog at - I get into much more depth on each phase of the process here on today's episode, providing a blueprint for other filmmakers looking to bootstrap a feature film of their own.

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