Introducing THE BACKLOT, An Exclusive Members Community For Feature Filmmakers


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To celebrate the launch of my new members community for filmmakers The Backlot, I am publishing this special solo episode to help spread the good news.

For some context, The Backlot is a community designed to give filmmakers the tools, resources, and connections needed to bring their feature films to life.

Members are on a shared journey to create a feature film of their own this year (optionally), and The Backlot provides the structure, education, and accountability needed to ensure the successful completion of each movie. You can think of it like an incubator for micro-budget feature films... But it can really be used however you see fit - whether for networking opportunities, feedback on your work, collaborations, or just as an educational experience.

Over the course of the show, I share the purpose behind this community, explain how it can be used make your feature film a reality, and touch on other fun details relating to guest speakers, giveaways, and more.

To sign up for The Backlot click here.

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