Writing, Directing, DP’ing, and Editing a $1300 Micro-Budget Feature Film With Filmmaker Chris Riggi


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Joining me today is actor turned auteur, Chris Riggi - here to talk all about his debut micro-budget feature film Good Luck With Everything. This film was shot in just 5 days on a shoestring budget of $1300, with Chris not only stepping in as the writer/director, but also DP’ing, producing, and editing the film.

Chris is also an acclaimed actor, with leading credits in shows like Gossip Girl and movies like Vampires Suck. Throughout the episode he shares his journey from actor to filmmaker, while breaking down his process making a feature film that was fully produced from start to finish during the pandemic. We also talk about why Chris likes to DP his own work, what it was like to work from a scriptment, how he captured dynamic shots with minimal shooting time, why he released the film without waiting on festivals, and much more.

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