#776 Kenneth Shapiro PhD on the Assessment and Treatment of Animal Abusers


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Kenneth Shapiro is cofounder and President of the Board of Animals and Society Institute. He is the founding editor of Society and Animals: Journal of Human-Animal Studies; the Brill Human-Animal Studies Book Series, and founding coeditor of Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. He earned his BA from Harvard University in American Studies and his PhD in Clinical and Personality Psychology from Duke University. He has published papers in Human-Animal Studies on vegetarianism, animal advocates, animal-centered literary criticism, critiques of lab animal-based research, inter-species qualitative methods, ontological vulnerability of captive animals, the state of the field, and psychological assessment and treatment of animal abuse. He has published three books on animal-related issues: Animal models of human psychology (1998), The assessment and treatment of children who abuse animals: The AniCare Child approach (2014) and The identification, assessment, and treatment of adults who abuse animals: The AniCare approach (2016), both published by Springer. He lives in the small town of Washington Grove, MD, where he has established and oversees a bluebird trail (currently 16 nest boxes), works a pollinator rich mini-meadow, and cooks vegan cuisine. https://www.animalsandsociety.org Ken.shapiro@animalsandsociety.org Sign up for 10% off of Shrink Rap Radio CE credits at the Zur Institute

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