#778 Neuroscientist and Entrepreneur Ariel Garten on Latest Developments in Brain Feedback


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Ariel Garten is probably one of the most interesting people you will meet. She is a Neuroscientist, mom, former psychotherapist, former fashion designer, and the co- founder and visionary of an amazing and highly successful tech startup Muse. Muse tracks your brain during meditation to give you real-time feedback on your meditation, guiding you into the “zone” and solving the problem most of us have when starting a meditation practice. Muse lets you know when you are doing it right.With no formal business background, Ariel personally raised $18M to found Muse from Silicon Valley investors (as well as Ashton Kutcher). Muse is now used by hundreds of thousands of people to start or deepen their meditation practice, including by Mayo clinic. The Muse S also uses advanced EEG technology to track how well you focus, sleep and recharge. And the newly launched “Digital Sleeping Pill”, an intelligent Muse experience, helps you fall asleep and, if you have woken, encourages you back into sleep. Ariel and Muse have been featured in over 1000 articles, including CNN (3x), Forbes, Fortune, Popular Science, NYT, WSJ, GQ, Men’s Health, O Magazine, and Wired. Ariel’s mission in life is to help people understand how their brain and mind work - both the nuts and bolts and neurons, and how that plays out in the messy and beautiful human experience of living. She inspires people to understand that they can accomplish anything they want by understanding what actually goes on in their own mind. Ariel is also the co-host of the Untangle Podcast. Sign up for 10% off of Shrink Rap Radio CE credits at the Zur Institute

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