Your Sex Life Questions Answered with Vanessa & Xander Marin


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Today on ShrinkChicks, Emmalee and Jen sit down with the hosts of the Pillow Talks Podcast, Vanessa & Xander Marin, to talk all about sex. Vanessa is a licensed psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in the sex therapy field and Xander’s a regular dude who’s been married to a sex therapist for over a decade. They start by normalizing the idea of scheduling sex and explain why it can be really wonderful for our sex lives. They then go on to answer your sex life questions like: how to approach a conversation with your partner about having more sex, how to work to heal from a past sexual trauma with your partner, the difference between couples therapy and sex therapy, how to increase libido, and working through self consciousness during sex. We learn why Vanessa does not like the word “rejection” when it comes to sex, a story about Xander’s 90 year old Nana listening to their podcast, and why sex doesn't have to be spontaneous to be good. You do not want to miss this one!

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