Episode 13 - Kam Zainabadi discusses real estate investing and his new platform that democratize real estate crowdfunding


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Kam Zainabadi’s interest in real estate started around 2008 when he finished his residency training and started working as a medical doctor. This, as we all know, coincided with the financial crisis which lead to the housing crash. Knowing that this is an opportunity of a lifetime, he started buying distressed single-family properties and renting them. He soon learned about the tremendous power of leverage and how he can use it to secure large amounts of assets with small amounts of money down.
As the market recovered, he converted many of the single-family holdings into multi-family units throughout Southern California, via 1031 Exchange. 1031 Exchange was another tax-protected modality that he used to increase his net assets held.
His interest in real estate also branched out into angel investing in tech startups. He has invested in over 5 startups. At the same time, through his network of investors, he got introduced to real estate syndications. He invested in several syndicated deals and has continued to look for more opportunities. He also became interested in real estate crowdfunding which combined his interest in technology and real estate.
However, having invested in several crowdfunding platforms, he found many shortcomings in the structure of the deals. This prompted him to bring a team together to create Park Place Investment. The mission of PPI is to democratize real estate crowdfunding by removing barriers that traditional syndications have into entering real estate crowdfunding.

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