Episode 15 - Nick Vissat, trainer to the busy entrepreneur, discusses how to stay in shape and keep a positive attitude during these difficult times


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This week we welcome Nice Vissay who identifies himself as a fitness expert for the entrepreneurial community. Him and his team are online coaches helping busy people burn 8-10lbs of fat a month without sacrificing your schedule. Their programs provide the education to make sustainable changes that will last your lifetime. In his own words...
I am a fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and health coach in the Health and Wealth Blueprint so my role is to help my clients continually push towards making healthier, sustainable habits. Building custom nutrition and fitness programs is part of the job but keeping my clients accountable and motivated to stay on track is my biggest responsibility.

I chose the health and fitness industry because it was an absolute no brainer for me once I saw the light! I genuinely love working with people and I am extremely passionate about helping others. The health and fitness world gives me that chance to help people build better and healthier lifestyles, achieve goals never thought achievable, and increase overall happiness. I am constantly rewarded by seeing my client’s progression and that really motivates me. I have unwavering optimism and I have been told I am a “hype man” so this position is very enjoyable for me.

The aspect I want people to get most out of this program is that accountability and prioritization pay off. Making life changes does not happen overnight. It takes persistence, blasting through the daily challenges and relishing the big and small successes we obtain. My favorite phrase to hear from clients are, “I never thought I could.” Even when said lightly, I find it powerful. When that realization hits people and they understand they are getting mentally and physically stronger, when they are more confident in other parts of life, it has an emotional impact on me.

My experience consists of 7+ years of personal training. I have worked with clients from coaching Crossfit athletes, increasing athletes skill levels sport specifically, senior citizens, clients wheelchair bound, Parkinson’s patients, Marines, Army, and everybody in between. I specialize in building lean muscle mass and burning fat creating a more athletic looking physique.

Certifications I have gotten:

  • AFAA CPT Certification
  • NFTA CPT Certification
  • Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Science Specialization

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