S2 Ep-13, pt.1 - Luke Sestito from CPROP discusses making money with NFT's, DeFi projects and other opportunities in the crypto/digital asset space for a side hustle


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Side Hustle City is proud to be joined by Luke Sestito in this week's episode. Luke is the Co-founder of CPROP (Crypto Properties) and has been in the digital asset space since 2017. He has done much of his work in commercial real estate with companies like JLL in the United States and the Middle East. He is a globally recognized thought leader on blockchain and crypto assets.
Luke joins us today to discuss the NFT space that is so hot right now. Digitizing artwork and selling it on some of the available markets has prompted many other things to get digitized like sports trading cards and even simple graphics. Even the artist Banksy has got into the game.
Other opportunities are in the DeFi space of crypto assets. Loaning money to platforms that bankers need to borrow from can earn you big interest. Luke discusses some of those platforms and the opportunities available to make some side hustle income.
Prior to CPROP, Luke founded The DeLeon Group, Inc. to help emerging technology companies expand globally. Advised the governments of the GCC including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait on matters involving food security, water, and infrastructure. Co-founded Sanus Connect which designed a novel data platform for a Fortune 500 real estate firm for property management.
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