S2 Ep-14, pt.2 - Luke Sestito from CPROP joins us again to discuss making money in specific DeFi projects and the returns he's been getting. We also talk NFT's and the overall adoption of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space


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DeFi is hot, hot, hot and Luke Sestito from CPROP just had to come back and check in on his investments. He discusses some platforms are paying over 250% returns on some cryptocurrencies. How is this even possible? Well, we discuss the opportunities, risk and decentralized banking and lending. This is a revolution and it might be time for you to educate yourself on this transformation giving power back to the people.
Decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens are probably the hottest terms in the crypto space right now so join us for a very informative session. Let's learn how to turn high interest lending into a passive income side hustle.

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