S2 Ep11-Nick Jabin, City Council candidate joins us to discuss his apparel business that supports his advocacy of the homeless in Cincinnati


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Nick Jabin and Adam Koehler met near downtown Cincinnati while getting signatures for both of their political campaigns. Nick was quick to show Adam the best locations for success and help in any way he could. The more they talked the more they realized they had many of the same passions for their city. Both were also struggling with the same challenge of getting 500 signatures during a pandemic, in a blizzard during the coldest time in Cincinnati. This led to a friendship and since Adam is a host of Side Hustle City then he just had to invite him on the show.
Nick Jabin is an outspoken advocate for Cincinnati's homeless population. He spends his free time walking the streets and simply talking to people who many ignore. Nick is a champion for change and well deserving of a seat on city council. Nick joins us this week to discuss his own struggles as a twin of a 14 year old mother, adjusting to an adopted family and loss of a sibling.
NIck has had success with side hustles as well. In high school he started a Minecraft server that ended up with over a million users. He later sold it for a pretty penny. Nick has now taken his entrepreneurial spirit to the streets bu starting a clothing brand available at various boutique clothing store in downtown Cincinnati. Nick also has his own podcast where he discusses mental health issues and pushes a message of hope.

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