S2 Ep12 - Andrew Kerr discusses real estate investing through house hacking


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Buying a home can be a significant financial step — but what if you could get a house without paying for it? Although it may be difficult to believe, house hacking can turn your goal of living for free into reality.

But how can you live for free in your own home? You’ll need to get creative with a house hacking strategy that fits into your dream of living for free.
Andrew Kerr is the founder of FI by REI, a company dedicated to helping individuals in the non profit sector achieve financial independence through real estate investing. As someone who has dedicated his life to helping others through working with nonprofit organizations, Andrew is passionate about making sure mission driven people don’t have to sacrifice their financial wellbeing to do the work they love.

Andrew is from New Orleans, Louisiana and has a similar reason for jumping into the side hustle life as many of us. After spending six and half years working in banking, burnt out, had a boss he hated, a horrible commute, and a job he didn’t enjoy, he was making good money, but not happy with life and realized it wasn’t for him. He’s been buying and investing real estate for 17 years. He started in college housing units around North Carolina they move down in New Orleans with her wife and do house hacks.

Over the years he had bought property, sold property, raised money from investors, flipped homes, dealt with two different property fires, handled at least a dozen plus evictions (almost all without a lawyer), done joint ventures with partners, invested in multiple states and have had multiple successful exits with double-digit returns. He also shared his nonprofits work in the past couple of years in both domestic, international disaster response work and supporting US army.

Because of his success in real estate investing, Andrew has been afforded the ability to focus his efforts on the nonprofit sector. He has scaled two small nonprofits to over $1M a year in revenue/donations and is working towards a goal of raising $25M for charity.

He now spends his time with his wife in New Orleans, raising money for nonprofit organizations, helping educate readers and listeners about the power of Real Estate Investing to achieve Financial Independence, and traveling the world.
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