S2 Ep16 - Nate Barger discussed how he went from drug dealer to successful real estate investor


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Nate Barger joins us this week to discuss his success in real estate after a rough start at life. Nate fell into the traps of life and served time after selling drugs. Nate has rehabilitated and has become a very successful real estate investor. Some of his stats:

  • Flipped +3500 Commercial units/houses
  • Currently own +1500 units
  • Looking to buy +100 hotels in 2021

Nate also has experience in construction management. He is capable of renovating projects at a lower costs AND higher quality than his competition. Nate's philosophy is put in "A" quality renovation and interior finishes in "B" or "C" areas (while keeping costs down) in order to achieve higher than market rents and strong occupancy both in his apartments and hotel projects.

Learn how he went from dealing drugs, being in jail and losing everything to now making millions by selling real estate! Using the BRRRR strategy Nate is now buying HOTELS!
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