S2 Ep6 - Barri Griffiths, Professional wrestler, Cirque du Soleil performer & multi-family real estate investor discusses his side hustle and how he leverages hard work and discipline to find great deals


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This week on the Side Hustle City podcast we welcome an entertainer and multi-family real estate investor Barri Griffiths, formerly known as Mason Ryan of the WWE. He has been involved in many industries before discovering real estate investing. He started work as an apprentice carpenter and undertaker (yes undertaker!) for his fathers construction and funeral home business, a business that was started by his great grand father, who used to make wheels for Carts that horses would pull and the actual coffins they'd bury people in.
Barri was also a huge soccer fan growing up but an injury in the sport took him into the weight room and eventually into the U.K.'s version of the US gladiators. He also set a Guinness book of records record. But the real break came when he signed for the WWE. He went on to wrestle on tv as Mason Ryan, where he wrestled the likes of John Cena, performed on Pay per views, and regularly appeared on Monday night RAW. He is currently performing for Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Barri has also discovered the art of the real estate side hustle. Multifamily investing is where he sees his future, along with syndicating deals. Once Barri reached the symbolic market value of 1,000,000 USD in real estate property, he decided to switch gears and focus firmly on buying and selling apartment complexes. He’s also invested passively in a large apartment complex. Barri knows his work ethic and strong will to succeed will make it the next thing he conquers!
Barri now hosts the WWRE Podcast and the youtube channel Wrestling With Real Estate, where he interviews people from all aspects of the industry. His goal is to help educate as many people to the amazing benefits of investing in multi-family real estate.

Barri founded and oversees all aspects of PG Multifamily, a real estate investment company that focuses on value add multifamily properties. He founded the company to carry on the legacy of his family's construction company that has been in business since 1936.

Through his family's history and his own career as a high caliber performer, he knows that there are two key components to success, hard work and honesty.

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