SIMM-podcast #2


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In this 2nd episode of the SIMM-podcast we hear Lukas Pairon interview An De Bisschop (00:58->15:14). She will on 19th January 2021 be chairing the 1st session of the 5th annual SIMM-posium, presenting research on the role musicians can play in social and community music programs. In this podcast episode we reflect on what musicians can expect from participating as trainers in such projects, and what their needs are in terms of training and accompaniment. Lukas Pairon also interviews musicians Mattias Laga (15:15->22:13) of De Ledebirds (BE) and US-based André de Quadros (22:15->31:50). Both are as musicians active practitioners in this field, and also keenly interested in the development of SIMM-research.

The 5th SIMM-posium is presenting major research in the field of music in social and community work, presented by scholars from all over the world. It was planned to take place in December 2020 at the Brussels based centre for the arts BOZAR, but because of the covid19-pandemic it was reformatted as a series of 9 weekly online sessions on Tuesdays, from January 12th on until March 9th 2021. Info:
Referenced during this podcast-episode: Common Ground Voices, Conducting 21C, DEMOS (F), Paulo Freire, De Ledebirds, The Ostend Street Orkestra, Mariusz Radwanski


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