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In this 8th SIMM-podcast episode we hear Lukas Pairon interview 3 scholars from the Southern hemisphere: Juan Sebastian Rojas (01:31->14:27) and Natalia Puerta Gordillo (14:28->23:33) from Colombia, and Tinashe Mutero (23:35->32:12) from Zimbabwe. They discuss about research on social and community music projects in the Global South, research developed by local scholars as well as by researchers from the Global North. All three scholars attended one of the 4-day SIMM-seminars organised to allow small groups of scholars to share their research experiences and methodologies, and thereby developing an international research network in this field.

Hearing them makes one wonder whether we shouldn’t stop thinking of our world as composed of only 2 blocks (North and South), and instead let ourselves inspired by Arturo Escobar’s recent presentation of our world as multiversal, composed of a multiversity of realities and perspectives.

Referenced during this podcast-episode: Geoffrey Baker, Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, Children Performing Arts Workshop (CHIPAWO), Dzikwa Trust (Zimbabwe), Arturo Escobar, Orlando Fals Borda, Paulo Freire, Guildhall School of Music, Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts (IYASA), international comparative SIMM study, Mariusz Radwanski, Music Crossroads Zimbabwe, Red Musica Medellin, SEMPRE, 5th SIMM-posium, Sistema Global, Gloria Patricia Zapata Restrepo

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