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In this 9th SIMM-podcast episode we hear Lukas Pairon interview musicians Inês Lamela (01:05-30:23), Dirk Proost (30:25-38:24), Filip Verneert (38:25-48:27) and Sarah Thery (48:30-74:58) about what motivates them to want to engage themselves in social and community music projects, and also about how they prepare themselves for this type of work.

These musicians are 4 very different personalities, from different countries and musical worlds. But listening to them during this somewhat longer episode of the SIMM-podcast, you will find that they are not that different in terms of what concerns them most.
Two previous episodes of the SIMM-podcast already treated questions in relation to this topic: In the 2nd and 5th episode we interviewed An De Bisschop (scholar, University College Ghent), Mattias Laga (musician, De Ledebirds, Ghent) and André de Quadros (musician, USA), and in the 5th episode we interviewed Graça Mota (scholar, CIPEM, Porto), Khamis Abu Shaaban (musician, Edward Said Music Conservatory, Gaza), Cathy Milliken (composer, Australia) and Bart Maris (musician, Ghent).
The subject was also discussed during two sessions of the 5th SIMM-posium we organised with the Brussels-based Bozar (sessions of 19.01.21 and 23.02.21 - recordings can be found here). And this year’s 3rd SIMM-seminar at the Royaumont Foundation (30.10-01.11.21) as well as the 6th SIMM-posium at the Philharmonie de Paris (3-4.11.21) will also very much focus on this topic.
Referenced during this podcast-episode are: Aix-en-Provence Festival training for outreach skills, Casa da Musica Porto, Ethno Flanders, Equinox, Laurent Gaudé, IN/OUT Escape through Art, Jazz&mo', Bart Maris, Collectif La Meute, Musicae Scientiae special SIMM issue, The Ostend Street Orchestra, Claire Pasquier, Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, Mariusz Radwanski, Université Lille (Master Art & Social Responsibility), Mark Withers

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