What’s UP with Women and Bad Boys?


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Why does it appear that the nice guy always gets overlooked for the bad boy?

Many times women will say they want a Good Man. Women will share how they desire a man who is caring, thoughtful, patient, understanding, and generous, A.K.A the nice guy. Yet, when it comes time to choosing a man it appears that many women overlook the nice guy and are drawn to the bad boy. WHY? What’s up with women and bad boys?

What is a Bad Boy?

A Bad Boy as defined for this podcast is the guy who has rebel edge to their characteristics. This can range from criminal to just attitude. Often times this is the guy who is nonchalant, rough, unsympathetic, street smart, smooth, and a womanizer. The bad boy isn’t limited to these characteristics nor defined by all of them, but in the end they are the guy who sees a woman and isn’t afraid to take action, and unfortunately the same guy who breaks hearts.

On the other hand the nice guy is the one who may not be as smooth, or charismatic, lacking that rebellious edge. They are the guy who gets labeled boring. They are often the guy who is afraid to approach the woman and even worse get stuck in the friend zone.

In this podcast we welcome special guest Dana Tyler and ask the question why? We have fun talking about reasons why woman overlook the nice guy for the bad boy, but then we get serious and offer suggestions to help the nice guy get the right girl, and help the good girl avoid the wrong guy.

How do you define the bad boy? Why do you think women are drawn to the these types of guys? We want to hear form you. Please share in the comments.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace, Keonte McDonald & Guest Dana Tyler

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