SFP 100 – Celebrating 100 Episodes with your Questions with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat


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SFP 100 – Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with your Questions with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #100

Hosted by: Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Intro: Bibiana Czerny & Ken Brooks | Music: www.bensound.com

SFP 100 - Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes with your Questions with Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Simply Focus Podcast |48:16



Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we celebrate 100 episodes of the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast with your questions. We talk about

  • what fascinates us about Solution Focus at the moment,
  • what fascinates us even more now than when we set out on our journey,
  • what has had the most profound impact on our practice,
  • the differences SF has made to our lives,
  • what tells us that episode #100 is really unique and significant,
  • our favorite questions we love to ask,
  • how our knowledge changed,
  • what surprised us the most during our 100-podcast journey,
  • the “making of“ of the podcast with painful, funny, and hilarious moments,
  • some scary situations on our journey,
  • how SF fits volatile and insecure times,
  • SF everyday interventions that work very well in our family,
  • how we manage both to look so good and charming,
  • the many heart-touching and moving encounters that influenced our lives,
  • the first feeling about episode #100,
  • our podcast statistics,
  • the possibility to support the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast with donations – THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED US!
  • things we have learned and things that pleasantly surprised us on our podcast journey,
  • our favorite story of how it came that we are doing this,
  • what we are thankful for.
  • The Challenge of the Week: We invite you to comment on our podcast, to share what inspired you in this episode, and to write a review about our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and other platforms, so that other people can find it, too. When you post on social media, please add the hashtags #sfontour #simplyfocuspodcast and tag us.


  • Book Solution Focused practice around the world edited by Kirsten Dierolf, Debbie Hogan, Svea van der Hoorn, Sukanya Wignaraja
  • Book Faszination Lösungsfokus edited by Elfie J. Czerny, Dominik Godat, Margret E. Gaiswinkler, Harald Payer, Marlies Titak
  • For our German speaking friends & colleagues: Join our online book-launch party on June 29, 2020 at 5:30 pm. You can register here.

Join the conversation

Friendpower is stronger than willpower. So, let’s inspire each other! Share your ideas and thoughts on what inspired you about our conversation and what differences this makes for you in your everyday life. Share as much detail as possible. Your story might be the one making a vital difference for someone else. Your thoughts and ideas matter and might encourage others to keep on going their SF journey. Share this podcast episode with your friends, clients or colleagues who you think might be inspired by this conversation. It could give them some practical ideas on how to apply Solution Focus in their daily life.

Thank you!

Thank you for listening to our podcast. You are awesome! That you listen to our podcast makes a huge difference for us. Please let us know and get in touch with us: Comment below or send us a message and tell us what difference our podcast series makes for you. And please share our podcast with others that might benefit from it and give us an honest rating at iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help and we read each and every single one. You really support our show with that as this will make it more likely that other people will find the SIMPLY FOCUS podcast and benefit.

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