SFP 107 – Challenging What You Have Learned: Getting Into Solution Focus With Camille Jeanmonod


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SFP 107 – Episode 107: Challenging What You Have Learned: Getting Into Solution Focus With Camille Jeanmonod

Simply Focus Podcast – Episode #107

Hosted by: Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Intro: Bibiana Czerny & Ken Brooks | Music: www.bensound.com

SFP 107 - Episode 107: Challenging What You Have Learned: Getting Into Solution Focus With Camille Jeanmonod

by Elfie Czerny & Dominik Godat | Simply Focus Podcast |36:27


“It just felt so much aligned with me, my personality, and the way I see the world, and the way I want to be a parent and a person in my beloved ones lives.”

“And seeing all (…) of the approaches, which are similar but yet different, it gives me permission and allows me to know that I will find my own way into Solution Focus.”

“He sees how I am noticing more of what he does well and how I am noticing more of what his brother does well, too, and how I am highlighting all of this for them.”

Camille Jeanmonod

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we talk with Camille Jeanmonod, Solution-Focused Coach and Psychologist in Private Practice, about

  • what fascinates her with Solution Focus,
  • how Camille got across Solution Focus and what grabbed her interest,
  • her first steps with Solution Focus in her private practice and how she kept going,
  • from Hypnotherapy to Solution Focus or how she challenges what she has learned,
  • what helped her in Elliott Connie’s training to change her way she practices,
  • how her coaching, therapy, and training sessions changed,
  • how her career coaching changed with Solution Focus,
  • how she explores her own way of doing Solution Focus,
  • how she applies Solution Focus with her children and the way her kids responded,
  • staying curious and finding your own way
  • The Challenge of the Week: Just experiment with one aspect of Solution Focus that you want to put in whatever you do right now.


Join the conversation

Friendpower is stronger than willpower. So, let’s inspire each other! Share your ideas and thoughts on what inspired you about our conversation with Camille and what differences this makes for you in your everyday life. Share as much detail as possible. Your story might be the one making a vital difference for someone else. Your thoughts and ideas matter and might encourage others to keep on going their SF journey. Share this podcast episode with your friends, clients or colleagues who you think might be inspired by this conversation. It could give them some practical ideas on how to apply Solution Focus in their daily life.

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