SFP 88 – Beyond Language: Adapting Solution Focus to Other Forms of Expression with Ursula Bühlmann


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Dr. Ursula Bühlmann on doing SF beyond language. In today’s episode, we talk with Dr. Ursula Bühlmann, specialist in child and youth psychiatry and psychotherapy, supervisor, coach, trainer, and EBTA board member, with qualifications in solution-focused brief therapy, creative children’s therapy, hypnotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, about using different forms of expression in Solution Focused therapy and coaching. Find out what fascinates her about Solution Focus, how she found out in her first job as medical doctor that she won’t be happy to be the expert and came to Solution Focus in child psychiatry. Listen to a story with Steve de Shazer and what differences it has made not be the expert. Hear how to do Solution Focus in other ways than with language and how to let your clients lead you to what you do with them. Check out what fascinates her with working with athletes and what she does with them, how she combines SF with other elements, and her experiences in training Solution Focus in China. She tells us stories of adapting Solution Focus to different contexts, how an experience with Steve de Shazer helped her to trust the process even more, and emphasizes the importance of joy when working with the Solution Focused approach. Listen to her thoughts about how much space there is for the problem or for difficulties in the Solution Focused approach. And do the Challenge of the Week: Once a day, find little things that work, give yourself a tap on the shoulder and observe what’s happening in your body and what differences that makes for you.

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