SFP 98 – Solution Focus in Practice: Connecting with Rob Black


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Rob Black on doing SF. In today’s episode, we talk with Rob Black, accredited solution-focused practitioner by the UKASFP, qualified social-worker, clinical team leader at Bath Spa University, about how Solution Focus can (also) look like in practice. Check out what fascinates him with Solution Focus, in what settings he is adapting Solution Focus, and the differences in language when working with different client groups. Rob talks about the value of problem-free talk and connecting with our clients. Find out what supported him in connecting with young people, how he first came across Solution Focus and how watching people do the work helped him develop his practice, how he let Insoo Kim Berg guess football results, and what Guy Shennan would love to hear Rob talk on this podcast. Rob shares detailed stories of how he applies Solution Focus with young people where silence, giving people space, trusting the process, and adapting the next question to fit (even) better were key elements. We also talk about pace, enthusiasm, staying with the client’s perception, and the art of Solution Focused practice and keeping on learning. Find out what Rob discovered about himself since working virtually with clients and how he established an evidence-base for his own work. At the end he also shares two funny stories with Chris Iveson. The challenge of the week: Notice the times when you used silence effectively and the differences that made in terms of the interaction in the conversation.

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