Sin The Fields: This Day In Esoteric Ultimate History


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STF welcomes podcasting guru and PoNY partisan Jody Avirgan back to the program to unveil a new segment: This Day In Esoteric Ultimate History. On the 5th anniversary of MLU commissioner Jeff Snader tweeting a picture of his shoes at the airport, the crew dives into how these pictures explain the rise and fall of the MLU, and what we can learn about the history and future of semi-pro ultimate as a result.
It's a guest packed show this week, as Scotti D and Pockets from Ultiworld's new podcast Laying It Out stop by the show to talk about their college ultimate focused show, talk about playing for a club team whose name got blacklisted by USAU, and shame Pat and Tad for being old as fuck.
All that, plus a TTF featuring the European Super League and a child who straight up sucks.

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