#5 This Is Not A Good Episode


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This episode is the season one finale! That's crazy! We recorded a whole season of our podcast! Granted, the first season of the show Dinosaurs is only 5 episodes so it's not like a super impressively long podcast season or whatever but we're still proud of it. In this episode, Tim and Ben talk about the episode The Howling (Season 1, Episode 5), but they have trouble staying focused for whatever reason. This episode was recorded more than a month and a half after the previous episode was recorded, so maybe that's why our hosts are prone to sidetracking throughout this whole episode. The Howling gets discussed to its full potential, of course, but they end up devoting much more time to Nintendo 64 games, Tim’s old rap songs about Pokemon,ben’s idea for a TV show called Kid Shrek, homophobic power rangers, using the internet in the early 2000s, and the dangers of youtube algorithms. Listen to the very end to hear the voice of God (our producer, Zach) for the first time of the series. Thanks everyone for joining us in celebrating this weird ass dinosaur puppet sitcom. We have three more seasons to go, so I'm sure we'll get better at doing a podcast by time we finish the series.

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