From 9-5 to Full-time Business Owner


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Hey there Working Single Moms, Lequita Brooks here! Have you ever thought about leaving your 9-5 to become a full-time business owner?
It's rewarding but don't believe the hype...
You have to have a strategy to successfully transition from your 9-5; it doesn't happen haphazardly.
Let me tell you, having 10 hustles and using every dollar earned to pay another bill, is not a good feeling.
Nor the type of entrepreneurial life that you want.
Trust me, I know firsthand.
Tune in to the podcast to get your brain churning about the strategy you will use to leave your 9-to-5 to pursue business full-time.
In this podcast, have pen and paper ready to answer these questions for yourself using the M.O.M.S. Framework to help you change your mindset from "I want to be a full-time business owner" to "I will visualize the business life I desire and create a solid strategy to make it happen for me and my child."
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