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Single Moms, have you ever thought, "I wish I had more money to care for my child but I don't know where to start?" Guess what moms? The number one step to having more money is to reduce your expenses. I know, I thought having a mortgage that was $1000, car note $500, mobile hotspot $100, cell phone $100, rental property $700, etc. was living the American Dream. I was wrong! I had 10 "hustles" and big bills. I was able to provide financially, mentally, and physically for my daughter but I had no purpose and hated all of my entrepreneurial ventures aka "hustles". I was not happy with my life. I had to take a step back in 2008, file for bankruptcy, and go back to school to live the life I live now; full-time business owner, world traveler, and a mom that is able to fully support my daughter. In this podcast, have pen and paper ready to answer these questions for yourself using the M.O.M.S. Framework to help you change your mindset from "I need more money" to "I am ready to downsize on my expenses first to see what I need to do next" so I can be present for my child mentally, physically, and financially.
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