Jazmine Lowther | 2022 Canyons 100K Course Record, Western States Golden Ticket, UTMB Aspirations


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Jazmine Lowther is a mountain ultra trail runner based in Nelson, BC.
She recently set a course record at the 2022 Canyons 100K and punched her ticket to the Western States 100 this June.
In addition to race analysis and expectations for her summer slate of racing (which also includes UTMB-CCC), we get to know her background as a mountain sports athlete, what it's like to live and train in Nelson, what her long-term goals in ultrarunning are, how she thinks about racing, philosophical musings, climate change activism and much more.

  • (1:24) - living and training in Nelson, BC
  • (2:49) - training partners in Nelson
  • (4:53) - where to ski, run, climb in Nelson
  • (8:26) - explaining the Valhalla Traverse
  • (10:02) - her background in mountain sports
  • (16:02) - mountain sports influences
  • (20:44) - going all in one one sport versus practicing multi-sport
  • (23:52) - the ultimate goals, the end game with ultrarunning
  • (25:00) - not feeling 100% heading into Canyons 100K
  • (28:15) - racing style at Canyons 100K
  • (30:43) - whether she is a leader or a follower
  • (33:48) - challenges of racing Western States and CCC this summer
  • (34:26) - initial thoughts on Western States
  • (36:01) - confidence in her abilities
  • (37:43) - whether he Canyons performance changes her goals
  • (41:21) - professional career in biology
  • (45:47) miscellaneous questions


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