Long Run Archives #1 | Jim Walmsley What Ifs, Black Canyon 100K Preview, Full-Time Ultrarunning


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This episode is part of a brand new mini-series we are calling the "Long Run Archives" in which I am joined by Brett Hornig, a fellow ultra runner and coach at Trails and Tarmac to riff on some of Ultrarunning’s most intriguing news, ideas, and questions. You know those highly entertaining long run conversations you have with friends you wish you could have hit the record button on? These episodes will attempt to recreate those moments.

  • (4:13) - Is it a competitive advantage to be a full-time professional ultrarunner?
  • (17:31) - What if Jim Walmsley had never missed that mile 93 turn at the Western States 100?
  • (33:46) - Black Canyon 100K preview
  • (69:52) - Ultrarunning hot takes
  • (73:18) - Big trail running news
  • (78:31) - Great Strava finds


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