Mike Foote | Race Directing, Skyrunning Speculation, Future Of Ultrarunning Events, UTMB Influences


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Mike Foote is a Professional Athlete for the North Face and Race Director of the Rut Mountain Runs based in Missoula, MT.

  • (1:33) intro to ultrarunning
  • (4:38) Wasatch 100 reminiscing
  • (8:53) success formula
  • (11:57) durability is speed in the mountains
  • (13:21) being an early American competitor at UTMB
  • (16:39) North Face sponsorship, long-term relationship
  • (23:06) Missoula, MT trail running scene
  • (29:56) directing the Rut 50K
  • (34:35) grassoots versus standardized Ultrarunning events
  • (41:06) race-directing inspiration
  • (44:42) anticipating changes to the Ultrarunning event space
  • (46:57) live coverage ideas
  • (53:02) saturation of Ultrarunning events, race directing skills
  • (57:27) skyrunning traction in the United States
  • (62:37) state of United States Skimo


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