A Conversation With Tybee Diskin from Chasing Immortality


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We were so fortunate to sit down with Tybee Diskin from the excellent podcast Chasing Immortality! After we covered the wild world of Transhumanism, we wanted to get Tybee’s insights as she covered FM-2030 on her past season. We also talk about the ethics of transhumanism, how we’re closer to the singularity than we even realize, and Tybee’s hilarious run-in with Google voice assistant. Next season, Chasing Immortality will cover Ray Kurzweil, and we can’t wait to chat with Tybee again once that episode is released. Until then, check out Chasing Immortality wherever you get your podcasts, and be sure to check out her in-depth episode on FM-2030, available now.

Thanks again to Tybee for joining us, and we hope you all enjoy our conversation!

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