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Drake has a new album that is not his usual style that many are used to, so it has many fans unhappy, we'll break down his new album. But apparently he may be on to something, because Queen B, Beyoncé dropped a single that has a very similar sound as well...are these 2 starting a new trend in POP music? We'll get into it!

Stranger Things Season 4 pt. 2 Trailer dropped & we have some theories about the season finally that we hope do not come true! What are they? Well listen to find out!

Legendary actor Martin Sheen wishes he would have never taken on his stage name & went with his real name instead. We think he's 100% right too! What is it? We'll tell you. Plus talk about the reasoning for stage names which one of us has too? Who is it? You'll see!

Well known influencer David Dobrik was working on making a comeback after he was nearly cancelled, but with his latest antics, it seems like he's going to be officially cancelled now! Wait till you hear what he did now!

Eminem vs Snoop Dogg the beef is officially squashed, sealed with a brand new song & amazing visual! We'll get into all of it!

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