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Guess My Age

@EvanWilliamsUSA @georgedickel @OldKirkBourbon @Bunnahabhain @TheClassicCask @theardmorelegacy @ValinchMallet @glenfarclas #whiskey #bourbon #whisky Co hosts : Made Man Brent, Good ol Boy Maury, Good ol Boy Mike, Good ol Boy Justin, and Made Man Bob, Good ol Gal Denise SIPS Episode – Mike has brought the evil on our SIPS crew this episode to tackle the topic of whiskey and age. 3 American whiskies and 3 Scotch whiskies are tasted in a blind tasting. We try to pick which one is the oldest and the youngest. Shop with your nose and not with your eyes. A terrific discussion and you can easily recreate a flight like this on your own. Maury is older and yet not the wiser of the bunch. We taste and rate the whiskey from 1-5 with 5 being the best:

Sample A - Evan Williams 12 – SIPS - 3

Sample B - Dickel Single Barrel 18 – SIPS - 3

Sample C – Old Kirk 6 – SIPS - 4

Sample A – Bunnahabhain 27 – SIPS -4

Sample B – Ardmore 8 – SIPS - 3

Sample C – Glenfarclas 12 – SIPS-3

A fascinating discussion of a Danish art exhibit called “Take the money and run.” @sipssudssmokes Sips, Suds, & Smokes™ is produced by One Tan Hand Productions using the power of beer, whiskey, and golf. Available on Apple & Google Podcasts, PRX, Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and nearly anywhere you can find a podcast.

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