The Noosphere Knockdown


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Sister Act 40k is excited to announce that we are partnering with Justin Seo of the Warp Wanderers RTT to kick off a new TTS team event: "Noosphere Knockdown"! Signups are live right now and will run until April 3rd, with the event starting on April 5th. Justin and Innes Wilson, Scotland's WTC captain, join us to talk about how team events work generally, the structure of the Noosphere Knockdown, and the very unique event awards available.

The Noosphere Knockdown is a 4 person team tournament - you can sign up as a team on behalf of a captain or as an individual where you'll be assigned to a team before the event starts. The event will last 5 rounds, playing one game per week. If you've never played in a team event before - great! Neither have many of the participants and it's a great opportunity to experience the format.

For all the details you need on the event, go here:

And to sign up, fill out this 30 second entry form:

Hope to see you there!

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