Episode 29: Those Pesky Demons (Ed & Lorraine Warren/Bethany Deaton)


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Welcome to our most supersized episode yet. On this episode, O'Dell closes out his true crime/urban legends/movies series with a bang. He covers the cases of Ed & Lorraine Warren that inspired the movies in the "The Conjuring" universe.
Next, Erin covers the mysterious death of Bethany Deaton. She was part of an emerging cult, and had entered into a sham marriage. Her death appeared to be a suicide, but it seems very suspicious.
We then close out the show with an In Memoriam filled with all kinds of karma.
00:00 - Intro
00:18 - The Podcast of Misinterpretation
02:03 - O'Dell's Story: Ed & Lorraine Warren & The Conjuring Universe
45:02 - Erin's Story: The Mysterious Death of Bethany Deaton
01:16:23 - In Memoriam: The Karma Train
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