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We kick off season 10 with talented illustrator and creative leader, Alejo Porras!

Alejo is creative lead at The Sketch Effect, a company that offers graphic recording and explainer videos.

He’s a trained and talented illustrator and also works as an artist coach, helping artists reclaim their joy in art.

He shares stories about his work at The Sketch Effect, including how they navigated through the pandemic business shift and more.

You’re really going to love this episode!

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Running Order

  • Intro: Who is Alejo?
  • Emily Mills’ impact on Alejo
  • How The Sketch Effect adapted analog to digital in the pandemic
  • What is means to be a Creative Lead at Sketch Effect
  • Alejo’s origin story: like using a metal detector to find his way
  • Finding your style
  • What impacts have the pandemic had on visual notes?
  • The pandemic expanded what graphic recording could be
  • Alejo’s scratchboard technique
  • Tools
  • 3 tips
  • Outro



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3 Tips

  1. If you’re stuck, get help.
  2. Ask the question of where you are to define the problem.
  3. Acknowledge that everything changes and you have a chance to change things for the better.


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