Benjamin Felis: graffiti artist and punk rocker turned visualizer - SE09 / EP07


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In this episode, hear from Benjamin Felis, a former graffiti artist and punk rocker turned graphic recorder, facilitator, sketchnoter and visual teacher.

Hear how Ben’s early life as a graffiti artist led him into visual thinking and working large canvases, and how his time as a punk rocker helps him go for it every single day.

This is a discussion you’re just going to love!


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  • Intro: Who is Ben?
  • Ben’s origin story: from graffiti artist and punk rocker to graphic recorder and teacher
  • Ben’s focus on student confidence
  • Watch one, do one, teach one
  • Ben’s listening training as an adventure trainer
  • The key: a playful, fun, learning atmosphere
  • What is Ben excited about?
  • Ben’s Neuland GraphicWally experience
  • Analog in a digital world
  • Embracing constraints and pressure
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Outro


Amazon affiliate links below support the Sketchnote Army Podcast.


Amazon affiliate links below support the Sketchnote Army Podcast.


  1. Relax! Who are you doing this work for?
  2. Organize your canvas in advance so you can focus in the moment
  3. When overwhelmed: set constraints and listen for later relevance



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