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In this episode, I talk with Brian Tarallo — author, graphic recorder, and meeting facilitator — about his new book, Surviving the Horror of Online Meetings.

Hear how Brian came up with the book concept while he was stuck in a traffic jam heading for a graphic recording session and how his years of learning how to make online meetings less scary will help you raise your game in your own online meetings.


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  • Intro: Who is Brian?
  • Brian’s origin story
  • The story of Surviving the Horror of Online Meetings
  • If you can do it in the room, you can do it online!
  • The advantages and disadvantages of online meetings
  • Importance of trust and inclusion
  • Brian’s outline of book chapters
  • I wonder what’s going to break today?
  • Brian’s positive thing: better than being in person, pickling, and sourdough
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Outro


Amazon affiliate links below support the Sketchnote Army Podcast.


Amazon affiliate links below support the Sketchnote Army Podcast.


  1. Treat adults like adults.
  2. Watch your stories, what message am I sending on camera?
  3. Be present!



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