Ceren Yildirim talks agility in sketchnoting - SE09 / EP08


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In this episode, I talk with Ceren Yildirim, an agile coach and avid sketchnoter and visualizer living and working in Turkey.

Listen in as she shares how she integrates sketching and sketchnoting into her agile coaching practice — and how our pandemic lives have made for challenges — but also great opportunities for both our sketchnoting community and for the world.

Enjoy the episode!


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  • Intro: Who is Ceren?
  • Ceren’s origin story and path into sketchnoting
  • Her work with sketching and visualization with agile teams
  • The importance of transparency and incremental work
  • What is Ceren excited about?
  • Workshops and meetups that have gone online
  • Culture changing to adapt to online teaching
  • Making friends because of the pandemic
  • The challenge of shifting from pencil to pen
  • Tools
  • Choosing analog or digital based on the job at hand
  • The importance of defining your tools and constraints
  • The spectrum of tools, from analog to digital
  • Tips
  • Outro




  1. Practice, practice, practice — a lot!
  2. Create your own visual library
  3. Remember you don’t have to be a great drawer to visualize ideas
  4. Adapt your sketchnote patterns to ones you naturally align with



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