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In this episode I talk with Dario Paniagua, visual thinker, coach, and ex-advertising agency veteran. Dario’s mission? Helping amateur scribes become professional visual thinkers with his courses and his coaching.

You’ll hear about his journey out of the agency world into visual thinking. You’ll also learn about his courses that help you create metaphors without using cliches — and how his coaching is tailored to his students.

This is going to be a fun one, so don’t miss it!

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Running Order

  • Intro: Who is Dario?
  • Dario’s origin story
  • The oddness of teaching online in a pandemic
  • The importance of metaphors over cliche icons
  • Metaphors are mini-stories
  • Make regular icons a little crazy to develop metaphors
  • The creativity of pre-schooled, no-rules kids
  • The expanding field of visualization and impact on work quality
  • Being disruptive as a solution for clients and for you
  • Parallels to print and web design disruptions
  • Animations of metaphors as a differentiator
  • Dario’s Metaphors Course overview
    • Commandment 1: Think the Opposite
    • Commandment 2: Draw a part not the whole
    • Commandment 3: Blend or Join
  • Playing with his kids helped Dario remain positive during the pandemic
  • Cartoon: The Magic School Bus
  • Cartoon: Adventure Time
  • Cartoon: Apple and Onion
  • Cartoon: The Pink Panther Show
  • Feedback tip: This works or it doesn’t work
  • Tools
  • 3 tips
  • Outro


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  1. Read your visual map, does it flow?
  2. Remember whitespace to let your visuals breathe
  3. Read other books UNRELATED to your field
  4. Try new things, different things
  5. Visual thinking is about THINKING!


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