Diana Soriat falling into sketchnoting - SE09 / EP10


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In this episode, sketchnoter, graphic recorder, author, and bullet journaling queen, Diana Soriat joins me to talk about her unique path into visual thinking and going full-time as an author, visualizer and teacher.

We talk about how her past professional life gives her a deeper business understanding that helps her graphic recording and sketchnoting — and how her bullet journaling helps her keep a busy work life and active family on track.

You’re going to love this episode!


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  • Intro: Who is Diana?
  • Diana’s origin story
  • Benefits of a business understanding for better visualization
  • Visualizing is an opportunity for learning!
  • Being a generalist open to learning is a great value
  • The importance of bullet journaling for Diana
  • Daily Plan Bar
  • Functional as the foundation of a bullet journal
  • Bullet journaling as a foundation for mindfulness
  • Diana’s books
  • How the sketchnote community supports itself
  • What Diana is up to now
  • Create your own drawings for keynote visuals
  • The importance of a do not do list
  • Miracle Morning for Diana
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Outro



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  1. Better done than perfect!
  2. Just Start, get going!
  3. Write first, then draw!



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