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In this episode, I talk with Georg Petschnig, founder of Paper for iPad, and General Manager at WeTransfer. Georg talks about his entry into visual thinking, Paper’s origin story, and the team’s philosophy behind Paper. If you haven’t considered Paper before, this discussion will give you insights into why Paper works the way it does.


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  • Intro: Who is Georg?
  • Paper app in a nutshell
  • A little about WeTransfer
  • Georg’s path into visualization
  • What is Paper app meant to do?
  • Breakthrough in thought and notation are intertwined
  • The tools in Paper and what they were built for
  • Philosophy of making Paper do they jobs they want to do
  • The intentions and constraints built into the Paper app
  • More voices and more opinions makes for better ideas
  • The normality of sketching in some cultures
  • The Paper Store
  • People will find ways to make things work
  • Shared values and dedicated teams of great apps like Paper
  • Nerdy Paper question 1: Where did the Paper background color come from?
  • Nerdy Paper question 2: Does Paper use vectors or bitmaps?
  • Mike’s feature request: Layers
  • The Paper Way of app design to make working more fluid
  • Tools
  • 3 tips
  • Outro




  1. Don’t be shy: express your point of view and be that leader!
  2. Just get started.
  3. These aren’t paintings, these are sketches — get stuff out.



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