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In this episode, I’m joined by Grant Wright and Paddy Dhanda, the two guys who run the super-popular, monthly online meetup, The Visual Jam.

Hear how their Visual Jam plans changed — from a local meetup in Birmingham England — to a truly international gathering during the pandemic and lockdowns of summer 2020 and beyond.

And don’t forget to check out the link for Visual Jam Xtra on Saturday, April 24th, where I’ll deconstruct my sketchnoting process with you.

Enjoy the episode!


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In this 2 hour live session, you will be able to immerse yourself by sketching along with Mike, picking up valuable tips and insights along the way. Learn how Mike prepares his sketchnotes, builds his layouts and how he weaves writing, lettering and drawings together, followed by a Q&A to get your questions answered!

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  • Intro: Who are Grant and Paddy?
  • The origin story of Grant and Paddy in visual thinking and The Visual Jam
  • The pandemic shift
  • International audience and repeat members
  • Exploring Visual Jam Xtra sessions
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Outro



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Grant’s Tools:

Paddy’s Tools:


Grant’s Tips:

  1. Start with a few simpler words, then expand with visuals
  2. Form a habit of practice

Paddy’s Tips:

  1. Pre draw elements of your sketchnote to reduce pressure
  2. Include hand-drawn elements in your slides



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