John Muir Laws on Nature Journaling - SE09 / EP03


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In this episode hear the passion of John Muir Laws, a scientist, teacher and author who helps people forge deeper, more personal connections with nature through keeping illustrated nature journals.

John and I talk about how he entered into nature journaling, the importance of parents encouraging kids to explore their interests, ways sketchnoters and visual thinking can enter into nature journaling, and more.

This is a fantastic interview I know you’re going to love!


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  • Intro: Who is John?
  • How John got into nature journaling
  • What is nature journaling?
  • Using journaling to slow down and pay attention
  • Nature journaling is an invitation to the infinite
  • I notice — words, pictures, numbers
  • I wonder — what, why, how, when?
  • It reminds me of — what else is like this in my experience?
  • Creativity is useful connections between seemingly unrelated things
  • Observing the world this way opens up your brain to curiosity
  • There are infinite opportunities for curious exploration
  • Observations can lead to biomimicry innovation
  • Noting relationships between observations and things you understand
  • John’s Sketchnote Handbook story
  • How sketchnoting nature ideas expanded John’s process thinking
  • We think we understand, but we’ve only scratched the surface
  • The differences between science and mathematics
  • You can be part of the process through observation and curiosity
  • Human memory is unreliable: visual documentation is critical
  • Visualization is a critical thinking tool
  • Tools
  • Outro



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