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In this episode, I have a fantastic discussion with Michael Janda, a business coach for creatives, author, and agency veteran.

Michael shares his suggestions for sketchnoters who are asked to create sketchnotes for money but don’t know where to start.

If you’re doing sketchnoting for hire or are considering it, this episode is a great foundation to help you think about your clients and your work differently.


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  • Intro: Who is Michael Janda?
  • Michael’s origin story: from agency employee to creative coach
  • How do we answer the question: How much does you sketchnote cost?
  • Michael’s 3 pricing variables
    1. What’s the baseline cost this sketchnote work will be? Your floor pricing.
    2. What’s the market value of my sketchnotes? Someone else or market cost.
    3. What’s the client’s budget? What will they actually spend on this?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask! What’s your budget?
  • No client price range? Reply with a price range.
  • Price ranges should be anchored with the high price first, then low!
  • Anchor against others who to the work.
  • People buy you: don’t just email, call them to talk.
  • The better your relationship, the higher your price could go.
  • Calls let you see more client body language.
  • Question 1: Red flags to watch out for!
  • How to counter the red flags before you get stuck
  • Phasing and invoicing sketchnoting projects
  • The benefit of teaching clients about your process
  • Be the expert, lead the discussion!
  • Question 2: Should you have a contract? YES!
  • How contracts shape projects, good and bad!
  • Contract basics
    1. Nothing done unless it’s in writing and confirmed
    2. Clear, detailed contracts are better
    3. Present the contract, don’t just email it!
  • Watch Michael’s free proposal and contract course!
  • How can I deliver more than expected for the customer?
  • Exceeding expectations and relationship are the secret sauce
  • Presenting the work is important!
  • Not just a delivery but a full presentation of the experience
  • Think ahead of the customer: come with solutions and ideas
  • The importance of framing your work
  • What gets Michael excited? The global creative community
  • Tools
  • Talk yourself into the better version
  • Outro


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Amazon affiliate links below support the Sketchnote Army Podcast.



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