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In this episode, Michael Geiß-Hein, better known as “Mister Maikel” from Germany, shares his journey from analog-only to adding digital graphic recording and sketchnoting to his company’s options.

Mister Maikel also talks about his experience creating his new book on sketchnoting, “Sketchnotes, Dein Workshop” or “Sketchnotes, Your Workshop” where he teaches you to improve your sketchnotes in 6 weeks.

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Running Order

  • Intro: Who is Mister Maikel?
  • Mister Maikel’s origin story
  • About Michael’s new book, “Sketchnotes, Dein Workshop” or “Sketchnotes, Your Workshop”
  • What does Maikel do to keep sane in a pandemic?
    • Learning to play the guitar
    • Looking after his inner voice
    • Spend a lot of time with his kids
    • More collaboration
  • Adapting to digital before and the pandemic
  • Crafting digital experiences
  • Loving local, analog experiences, and performances
  • Tools
  • 3 tips
  • Origin story of the “Mister Maikel” name
  • Outro



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