Ole Qvist-Sorensen - SE07 / EP09


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  • Intro: Who is Ole?
  • Ole’s path into visual thinking and facilitation
  • Applying visual thinking in business
  • Visuals being amplified right now
  • Mike’s path to visual thinking
  • Mike’s re-teaching design through sketchnoting
  • Ole’s approach with bigger pages
  • Bigger Picture’s 5 biggest business challenges approach
  • From personal to shared notes as a facilitator
  • Teaching simple drawing to unlock people
  • Whiteboard wireframing
  • Helping people discover their own visual language
  • The value of cross-disciplinary understanding
  • Honoring others through humility
  • Ole’s describes his book, Visual Collaboration
  • Idea 1: Discover your visual language
  • Idea 2: Use visual language to visualize meetings
  • Idea 3: What questions will make meetings effective
  • idea 4: Create structured templates for successful meetings
  • Idea 5: Create storyboards to scale collaborative meetings
  • Co-creating out of the unknown with visuals
  • Tools
  • Reaching out to Ole
  • 200 free icons!
  • Outro





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